Those tiny white dots? Cattle grazing on newly burned forests in the Amazon.

The Lumber Industry and the Environment

It's such a grave misconception that people have about the lumber industry. In fact, when you read the following, you will see just how important it is to the actual health of the forests. Is their clear-cutting done by bad actors? Unfortuneately, yes. But, as an educated consumer, you can choose to purchase decking and other wood products that have been produced, shipped, and sold responsibly and in compliance with all international trade and commerce laws. Read on to learn more...

Environmental Issues

Clearly, when you read about the efforts undertaken by governments around the world, it's not hard to see that real hardwood decking materials are not the enemy. In fact, purchasing our materials actually helps ensure that the forest will remain intact for future generations. When you call us, be sure to ask about our sustainably harvested, eco-friendly decking products. We'd be happy to tell you more.

Protect the Rainforest & Buy Ipe Decking Hardwood

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